Microcurrent Facials in NYC

New York City’s Best Salon & Beauty Clinic provides Microcurrent Facial Services from their Location on Delta Dental Building, 4 East 46 Street (Delta Dental Building), 3rd Floor New York, NY 10017. Book online or over the phone.

Microcurrent Facials in NYC

New York City’s Best Salon & Beauty Clinic provides Microcurrent Facial Services from their Midtown, Times Square Location on 1501 Broadway. Book online or over the phone.

  • Microcurrent facial rejuvenates and tones facial muscles with a gentle current and promotes the flow of blood and nutrients to the skin.  Microcurrent facial treatments at our New York City clinic combine facial acupuncture point knowledge to stimulate proper muscle and pressure points on the skin to make you look and feel younger inside and out. 

    Facial microcurrent toning in our NYC office is based on electrical stimulation of facial muscles and is done based on the theory of Chinese Acupuncture and acupoint energetics.
    ​Facial microcurrent is like facial massage and acupuncture facial without the needles combined together. We often asked to combine our facials with micro-current. Think of it as a workout for your face. A typical New Yorker is exposed to temperature fluctuations and stress that always shows on the face.
    Originally this electric stimulation device was designed for bells palsy and facial paralysis, and facial toning results were noted and eventually it spread out to cosmetic and beauty applications as it is today.Facial rejuvenation with microcurrent devices are safe, effective and no downtime.

    Side effects for microcurrent treatments would be pacemaker device, diagnosis of cancer and flu type illness. 

    Microcurrent facial stimulation for New York City’s fast-paced lifestyle can be just what the doctor ordered, cause stressful city style can cause a lot of tension and stress in facial muscles  and electrical stimulation provides needed relaxation and stress reduction as it lifts and tones at the same time.

    How Does a Microcurrent Facial Work?
    Electric stimulation with certain frequencies will make your facial muscles tauter, like body muscles after a workout. This may lead to a firmer skin and toned facial features. Gentle electric current increases blood circulation produces collagen and elastin as well as proteins like collagen and elastin and are responsible for a skin elasticity and firmness. In addition, electric stimulation has been shown to increase cell regeneration.

    Microcurrent Facial Benefits ?
    Microcurrent Facials are painless procedures and are great for special events. Regular treatments lead to long-term benefits, such as improved skin structure and elasticity, firmer skin and toned facial features, better and improved skin texture and tone. Gentle electric current stimulation also increases blood circulation, production of collagen and elastin and proteins responsible for a skin elasticity and firmness.

    This electric stimulation has been shown to increase cell regeneration by sending impulses to the brain via the acupuncture channels and facial nerve stimulation. Microcurrent Facials are effective and last for about 48 hours. This makes them perfect for special events. The toned facial muscles make you look younger and glowing, all affected by better skin complexion and increased blood circulation.

    Microcurrent facial stimulation can reduce TMJ symptoms, relax the jaw muscles and reduce stress in general.
    ​Facial stimulation with microcurrent relaxes the muscles and reduces the stress.

    How Many Microcurrent Facial Visits Needed ?
    Microcurrent facials can be done at anytime before special events, but to enjoy the long term rejuvenating results, treatments at regular intervals are recommended.  We recommend a course of treatments of 8 to 12 visits depending on facial condition and age and then doing a maintenance facials once a month.  To book a microcurrent facial call us

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