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If you’re like most of us and can’t live your entire summer in merciful air conditioning 24/7, or spend every hot day on an inner tube in a pool, the newest technique for beating the sweltering summer heat is here with the professionals at Skinovation Salon and Beauty Clinic, located conveniently in the historic Paramount Building in Manhattan’s Time Square neighborhood. The professional team at Skinovation is armed with the latest way to stay cool: Intravenous, or IV, hydration.

Based on the Eastern healing philosophy of wellness and balance, hydration and energy are the keys to keeping you much more comfortable this summer and all year. Drinking more water doesn’t always hydrate you as well as you may believe; in fact, many individuals are dehydrated and don’t know it, which leads to feeling overheated and uncomfortable.

Using IV-drip hydration, employed in hospitals worldwide for innumerable ailments and illnesses, the body can now be hydrated much more effectively than the usual eight glasses of water a day, keeping you much cooler and more comfortable during these sultry and steamy days.

When used therapeutically in a professional spa setting, IV hydration overcomes the various barriers associated with oral intake. The treatment has broad applications and provides quick and effective results, such as restoring hydration which allows you to feel cooler; decreasing inflammation; relieving pain and nausea; delivering energy boosts; and even curing a hangover. Once the tubing and fluids are connected, drip by drip, the solution works its magic. Various mixtures can be created to tailor to your individual needs, and can contain IV vitamins, antioxidants, and various other compounds. Flushing out toxins, balancing electrolytes, and hydrating cells and body organs, Intravenous Hydration directly delivers the treatment to its target. It’s also extremely effective in combating mild viruses and colds, reducing fatigue, improving mental clarity, enhancing physical performance, augmenting productivity, moisturizing skin, reducing wrinkles from dehydration, and limiting the effects of sunburns.

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