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Always state of the art and a pioneer in the latest beauty techniques, Skinovation Salon & Beauty Clinic offers the finest eyebrow treatment available anywhere using the latest technique known as microblading.

Surpassing the earlier practice of permanent makeup, microblading is far more natural-looking, and gives an enhanced, perfected, reconstructed, and defined look. Microblading covers gaps and fills in over-plucked brows; or, if you just want to add a slight arch, the results are impeccably natural. Each client gets their own customized shape for unique and individual eyebrow glamour.

Unlike many run-of- the-mill, mediocre salons, the professionals at Skinovation use only the very best available hypoallergenic micropigments for the safest and most advanced care for your own individual, unique and fabulous look! Skinovation understands that color choice is client-specific and offer a natural selection of semi-permanent micropigments to complement your unique hair color and skin tone. Furthermore, Skinovation’s experts know that these micropigments may react differently for each client, depending on skin regimen, sun exposure, and follow-up technique, so they fully cover this in your initial consultation.

The Skinovation microblading expert will ask the look and shape you desire, as well as your personal skin history: your daily and nightly regimen, how much sun you typically get, and if your skin is oily, sensitive, dry, or prone to redness. Next comes the color choice, which is mixed using a natural selection of semi-permanent micropigments to complement your unique hair color and skin tone. The Skinovation expert will then draw the desired eyebrow onto the area with individual feather strokes, using a removable-color pencil. Once the penciled-in look is approved, a topical numbing cream is applied to the area to minimize discomfort, followed by a liquid anesthetic. The eyebrow is then colored in with the microblading pen. The process takes about 2 hours, and results last for up to 3 years, without the pain of the tattoo/permanent makeup process.

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